What We Do

We offer a one-on-one, custom coaching relationship that includes a training plan that adapts to you throughout your training, taking into account your progress as you work towards your goals.

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What is Included

Custom training plans written in 1-3 week blocks, proactive feedback and analysis of training, prioritized goals, and unlimited contact with our coaches. Each runner also has a pre-training consultation covering: personal questionnaire, detailed conversation regarding goals, training expectations, and workout explanations.

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What it Costs

Plans start at $129/month

Fees paid at the beginning of each training month. Payments can be made by credit or debit card, or Paypal. Price includes State and local retail sales tax.

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Give yourself the best opportunity to reach your potential as a runner

Knowing how to build a successful plan while maintaining flexibility to adjust it at the right time is a major challenge. We understand the fundamentals of endurance training physiology and psychology.

Achieve breakthrough performances

Qualify for Boston? Complete an ultra marathon? Finish your first marathon? Whatever the goal, from the mile to 100 milers, from the road to the track to the mountain trails, we’ve been there, we’ve trained for it and we get pumped thinking about getting you there too.

Learn from someone who has been there and guided others already

With over 20 years of running experience and over 8 years of coaching experience with athletes from the beginner level to the sub-elite, we have learned how to apply the fundamentals of training to meet goals and achieve breakthrough performances.


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