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Our Philosophy

We’ve been coaching people and providing training advice and guidance for over eight years ranging from beginner runners to the sub-elite level. The key to our success both personally and with athletes we’ve worked with comes down to three components: Planning, Consistency, and Hard Work.

Much of our training is based around the Daniels’ approach. While we’ve read and tested many of the foundational training texts, we think Daniels has created the most well-rounded, scientific approach to training. We don’t use his training exclusively but much of the core of our training beliefs are inline with his theories.

Our Values

  1. The runner comes first. Always. We’re in this for the people we work with, to be their guide to becoming a better runner, and in turn, to becoming better people. We do this by creating great training programs, building strong relationships, providing excellent value, and lightning-fast communication.
  2. We are experts at our craft. We don’t settle in our ways because there is always more to learn, always more to test, and more boundaries to push in order for runners to reach their potential. Consequently, we are continually striving to learn so that we can be great coaches for our runners.
  3. We want to grow Team RunRun. This means creating an efficient, scalable coaching system that still keeps our runners and their experience as the top priority.

Our Story

Running has taken us through all the major running disciplines in the endurance events from the mile through 100 milers. We've raced extensively on the roads, the track, cross country courses, and trails. We’ve run flat races and mountain races. We’ve run all around the United States and abroad. Running is a core component of our lives and our identity.

We love working with people that are driven and passionate about whatever they’re doing, especially when that passion is running, and together we’ll craft a plan that is customized to your specific goals and specific needs so you too can reach your potential as a runner.

Meet the Coaches

We love to run, we love to talk about running, and we love it when others join us. Most of all, we get pumped sharing in other people's running successes.

Started running 5ks when he was 5, known as Coach to runners since 2008, an eternal optimist, and the source of a contagious spark of energy that inspires and motivates.

Spreadsheet-loving analyst, lifelong runner learning how to be a mom runner, motivated by post-run coffee, and turns on the toughness at just the right time.

Next Steps...

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