What we do and How we do it

With so much information on training available, often conflicting, knowing how to plan can be intimidating. We build training plans and work with various strategies that will help distill the vast amounts of information to plan an optimal training strategy for you.


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Custom Training Plan

Written on a bi-weekly basis and adjusted as necessary to fit your life and the day-to-day consequences of training, we will provide customized training for the races and distances you’re targeting. You will also have access to unlimited contact with our coaches should you have questions, have feedback, or just want to chat about your running.


Weekly Feedback

Training Evaluation Emails: Through a shared training log platform, we will monitor your training and provide timely feedback to optimize the training experience. A weekly email assessing your progress will be at the heart of the planning/feedback mechanism to help you progress as an athlete.

Goals Emails: As part of adjusting the training to fit your life and monitoring your training, a weekly goals email is sent out in advance of each week of training to give you the top training goals to accomplish each week, helping you prioritize your running goals in order to get the most out of your training time and efforts.

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Training Basics

It is our hope that we can help lead others to the amazing experiences associated with becoming a better runner. Through Planning, Consistency, and Hard Work, you will experience new highs, and probably new lows as a person and come out better for it.


We build the plan based on two main questions: where do you want to go and what is your fitness level right now? Too often, runners neglect the second question and train at levels inconsistent with their current fitness which tends to lead to injury or burnout. We base your training on determining your current fitness level and then continually assessing this as we progress with your training. We do time trials or races to gauge your progress. With objective data we find the optimal path to your goals.


At the heart of improving as a runner is consistency. To be a better runner, run. Too often athletes find it difficult to control motivation and emotion which drives runners to binge train, leading to injury or long periods away from training which leads to disappointing results. In order to reach your potential, a steady, consistent approach is the surest ticket to success. While we’ll be here for you with motivation and guidance, it is up to you as an individual to commit to the day-to-day process of becoming a better runner.

Hard Work

To be your best at running is hard work. There is no getting around it. Reaching your potential as a runner will require both physical and mental strain. You will be required to push yourself, probably to places you haven’t been before if you want to be your best. The rewards are totally worth it. The feelings that come with an awesome workout or a perfectly executed race are some of the finest we’ve ever experienced.

Next Steps...

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