Mark P

Runner: Mark, age 38, Kirkland, WA, husband, father of 4, software, safe streets advocate

Years Running: 9 years around HS/college and 8 years after a gap

Upcoming races: Beat the Bridge 8k, Fueled by Fine Wine HM, ???

Current goals: stay healthy, lots of run commuting, 16:30 5k, 34:00 10k, 1:16 HM

Favorite Workout: Anything done well, maybe 800s these days, easy days literally running errands (best so far is this)

Most Challenging Workout: bringing 20 library books up the hill, anything hard on short rest

Best races: 1:56:05 800m in college, 1:20:47 HM with a stroller

Running words of wisdom: The best running schedule and workouts are ones that you do

Social media links:

-twitter @CrosswalkView


Race Reports:

Top Pot 5k – 4/30/17

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon – 3/4/2017

Lake Washington Half Marathon – 11/5/2015

Fueled by Fine Wine Half Marathon – 7/10/2016

Bridle Trails 5k – 6/25/2016

520 10k – 4/2/2016

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