Matt Urbanski

Runner: Matt Urbanski, Seattle, WA. Runner. Coach. Dad. Husband. Vegan. World traveler. Long distance hiker.

Years Running: 25+

Age: 36

Upcoming races: Rocky Raccoon 100, Tokyo Marathon, Boston Marathon, Cascade Crest 100 (hopefully)

Current goals: Become a more competitive ultra runner. Sub-15 at Rocky this year would be really nice and is within my reach.

Long-term, big shot goals that you someday hope to achieve with running: I would like to be a guy with the potential for a top 10 finish at races like Western States 100 and UTMB.

Tell us about your running accomplishment that you’re most proud of and why: Cracking 15 minutes in the 5k. I worked hard on the track in my late 20s and at the end of my final track season back in 2010 I executed the race really well and was able to finally break the 15 minute barrier.

Favorite part about being a runner: First, I eat a ton and I manage to maintain a good running weight. Two, I think that all the discipline, testing of will power, ability to push myself, and to do things when I don’t want to or lack motivation - all parts of being a successful distance runner, carry over into other parts of my life. Basically, I feel like I’m better at everything else I do because I’m a runner.  

Favorite Workout: Tempo. I love dialing into a pace, finding my aerobic max zone, and cruising. It’s a challenging mental and physical workout that leaves me feeling fast and fit.

Most Challenging Workout: Intervals. My lungs burn, I get a cold feeling in the back of my throat, and my legs get worked. I have to make a mental decision each time to push my body where it doesn’t want to go. These workouts also help me get stronger and make major fitness gains!

Best races: 14:58 5k on the track in 2010. White River 50 miler in 2014, finished 4th. 2:33 marathon at CIM in 2014. 27th place finish at Western States 100 in 2015.

Running words of wisdom: Consistency is key. Train hard, but only so hard that you can keep training tomorrow and the next day, and the next day…

Notable PRs:

1500m:  4:00.4 (2002); Louisville, KY, Outdoor

3000m:  8:35.37 (2/14/10) UW, Indoors

5000m:  14:58.19 (5/7/2010) Mt. Hood Twilight, Outdoor

10,000m:  31:20.82 (4/2/10) Willamette Invite, Outdoor

Half marathon:  1:10.10 (1/24/10) Vancouver Lake, Road

Marathon:  2:33.37 (12/7/2014) California International Marathon, California, Road

50 miler:  6:26.22 (3/9/13) Land Between the Lakes, KY, Trail

100 miler:  16:26.42 (1/31/15) Rocky Raccoon, TX, Trail

Other notables races:

  • 100 milers: Run Rabbit Run, Western States, Leadville, UTMB
  • 50 milers: White River, Land Between the Lakes, Iceage, North Face NY and North Face SF
  • Marathons: Boston, Chicago, New York, California International, Los Angeles, Seattle, Prague, Madrid, and a whole bunch of other smaller ones!

Other notable achievements:

  • Completed thru hikes of the Appalachian trail (both 2000 and 2011), Pacific Crest Trail (2007), Colorado Trail (2012), and the Continental Divide Trail (2013)
  • Ran the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim (2014)
  • Team7Hills runner for Seven Hills Running Shop in Seattle, WA

Self published author:

Race Reports:

Allianz 15k - 6/4/17

Tokyo Marathon - 2/26/17

Rocky Raccoon 100M - 2/4/2017

North Face 50 San Francisco - 12/3/2016

Grand Ridge 50k - 11/19/2016

New York Marathon - 11/6/2016

Stone Steps 50k - 10/23/2016

UTMB - 8/26/2016

Coahuila 100k - 6/18/2016

3er Gran Maraton Mexiquense - 6/5/2016

North Face 50 New York - 4/30/2016

Boston Marathon - 4/18/2016

Mercer Island Half - 3/20/2016

Lake Sammamish Half - 3/5/16