Runner: Adela S

Years Running: Started 24 years ago; regularly for past 10 years

Upcoming races: BMO Vancouver Marathon (5/7), and Philadelphia (11/17)

Current running goals: To run two marathons next year. I’d like to qualify for Boston and run in 4/18.

Favorite aspect of running and training: There is nothing like the feeling on a good running day. Nothing.

Best race of all time: Thunder Road Marathon, December 2008, Charlotte, NC. It was on my birthday and my fastest race to date, and the best food in the finishers’ shoot plus southern hospitality.

Running words of wisdom: Learn the difference between pain and discomfort and don’t ignore the former. Also, form a running habit and do it consistently!

Social media links:

-twitter @Adela_SEA  (My twitter has an identity crisis and is mostly about management consulting and cycling)

-instagram @adelabobela

-anything else you want people following you on

Race Reports:

Yakima River Canyon HM – 4/1/2017

Chicago Marathon – 10/9/2016

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