Runner: Alan R

Years Running: 10

Age: 53

Upcoming Races

Finally, nothing at the moment. Maybe Rio Del Lago for my qualifier after I couldn’t start Miwok this year due to injury.

Current Goals

To become more efficient and stronger – stubbornly pushing back against that ever steepening downward curve.

Long Term Goals

To continue to learn to consistently navigate obstacles during multi-day events.

Running Accomplishments

Pine 2 palm first 100, WS100 in ’17, Tahoe 200. Enjoying the sometimes-ability to just walk out the door and run 45 miles. Running endurance events with my wife, who is tough as nails and even more stubborn than me.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Confronting my mistakes head-on; not acting my age; always finding a way to humble myself either through hubris or just plain silliness.

Best Races

Bishop High Sierra 100k in ’18 and ’19, and Tahoe 200 in ’19.