Runner: Alan R

Years Running: 9

Age: 52

Upcoming Races

Fingers crossed: Miwok 100K, Sinister7 100, Tahoe 200. Maybe Bishop 50 in June.

Current Goals

Get back on track after a string of injury set backs such as: feet/shoe related nightmare at T200 last September, before minor Plantar and serious calf pull issues, and a re-aggravated hamstring issue; to reclaim my hard-won base, that sweet place where all of the elements of body and mind work and flow together as the amazing machine we all aspire to.

Long Term Goals

Happy, healthy, long-term single-track running. To run stronger and faster as I push back on that steepening downward curve; to run far in wild places with my wife who runs wild with me; to happily lead by example, our kids into finding the run; to connect with nature on a daily basis, if at all possible, so I may find happiness and balance out the insane demands of work and modern, technological life.

Running Accomplishments

Finding the run at 44, against all odds; finding my first 50K at 48; Overcoming knee surgery, where I was told I might not run again; finding my wife at the finish line of a trail marathon in Death Valley; finding my first 100 at Pine2Palm and learning so much; grabbing my buckle at the ’17 WS100; running GC R2R2R with my wife in ’17; improving my 50K time by 10 minutes in ’18; finding the peaks and troughs of emotion in every aspect of my running and recognizing the humility it takes to love myself and run “smart” and “healthy” and not be a stubborn jerk who pushes through pain to the point of damage.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Seeing the natural world for what it is: that wild, amazing place that balances the stress and demands of a technological world infected by divide and conquer politics; moving with and around the animals in harmony – the deer and foxes, the coyote and owl and mountain lions and every living thing we haven’t killed or pushed back and away from civilization: when I am running consistently, this informs my daily life. Being humbled by my silly tendency to push and push and push and learning to be present and pay freaking attention to every aspect of my body as I train up and down to run in crazy, amazing places, sometimes in tandem with my amazing wife who is even more stubborn and is stronger in some ways than myself. Having found her in desolation and building a life together around the run.

Best Races

Bishop High Sierra 100K last June, where I pushed my sea-level self through 30 miles of altitude and nausea and a complete reset, to finish strong, all the while helping countless other racers who were in various states of need. WS100 in ’17 with all of that snow and mud up top! My spectacular DNF at Tahoe 200 last year, while my wife killed it in 83 hours – own your mistakes, learn from them, RIGHT? My first 100 at P2P with no pacer. Huddart Crossover 50K last April, where I improved my 50K time by 10 minutes…and every freaking race I start healthy and passionately.

Running Words of Wisdom

Everything is worth fighting for. Love is the answer. Honor nature, honor your nature. He/she who fears they will suffer, already suffers what they fear. Every mile is a first, and every mile could be your last.

Social Media Links

None. Strava.