Runner: Alan V

Years Running:12

Age: 27

Upcoming races:

Dallas Rock-n-Roll Half marathon
Boston marathon
Jemez 50
Kodiak 100
Dallas Marathon

Current goals: Get the road speed to the trails, work on being mentally tougher.

Long-term, big shot goals that you someday hope to achieve with running:

Under 2:45 marathon and 1:12 half
Finally get that hundo under my belt

Tell us about your running accomplishment that you’re most proud of and why: 

I’m really proud of my track races even though they were almost 10 years ago.

Favorite part about being a runner:

Replacing the calories I lose 🙂

Traveling to different places, you’ll meet some cool people.

Best races:  Feel like this one is coming up soon.

Running words of wisdom:

Always have fun doing it

Thank the volunteers

Race Reports:

Boston Marathon – 4/16/18

Too Cold to Hold HM – 1/28/18

Dallas Marathon – 12/10/17

White River 50 – 8/5/17

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