seattle running coachName: Angela S

Years Running: 2

Age: 24

Upcoming Races

Couer d’ Alene half marathon, Couer d’Alene half ironman , Leavenworth half marathon

Current Goals

Run my first sub 2 half marathon

Long Term Goals

To be faster and a more effortless runner

Running Accomplishments

Getting to the finish line every time!

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

The community and the confidence I have gained from being more sure of what my body can do.

Best Races

My best race was the cda half marathon 2 years ago, set a goal of 2:15 and got it done! Felt so good!

Running Words of Wisdom

Smile when you run! It automatically makes you look up and realize just how much of a badass you are.

Social Media Links

Instagram – angelastreibeck