Runner: Anjuli J

Years Running: 9

Age: 29

Upcoming races: Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon

Current goals: Run a sub-3:25 marathon

Long-term, big shot goals that you someday hope to achieve with running: 3:15 marathon (or at least work my way down there!); 1:30 half; give trail running a go

Tell us about your running accomplishment that you’re most proud of and why: I’m most proud of earning my first-ever BQ time in 2015. Prior to that race, my fastest marathon was a 4:34 and I never thought Boston could be in my cards. I started strength training and was amazed at how much my running improved as a result. I still remember how nervous I felt telling my dad (a much speedier runner than I) that I wanted to try to run a BQ. While I hit that qualifier goal, I was actually 29 seconds too slow for the 2016 Boston cutoff. Even so, that run really sparked my confidence and drive, fueling my fire to get to Boston 2017.

Favorite part about being a runner: Being able to put on running shoes and explore any place, any time.

Best races: Lake Sammamish Half (1:39:16); Tunnel Marathon (3:26:07)

Running words of wisdom: Plan a run, run a plan.

Social media links:

-instagram @anjrunningaround