seattle running coachRunner: Anna U

Years Running: 6

Age: 49

Upcoming Races

Dash Point 10k, Sun Mountain 25k

Current Goals

I am training to run my first 25k. This will be the longest distance I have run at once and there’s also some elevation involved.

Long Term Goals

I hope to continue running for a long time. I like the idea of running 10 mile to half marathon trail runs in many beautiful places.

Running Accomplishments

I have completed 4 half marathons (B-ham, Van Couver, Seattle and The Snoqualmie Valley half, Ragnar Cascade and Ragnar Northwest Passage and quite a few local trail runs ranging from 5 mile to 10 mile distances.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Being by myself, feeling strong, seeing everyone so excited to be outside and feeling good on the trails, feeling healthy, listening to good music (favorite running music includes Alt J, Sigur Ros, Jack White, Lucius, Liz Phair, Portugal the Man, Prince, Chet Faker and much more), seeing runners in all shapes and sizes, and learning about myself and my own endurance, strength and stamina.

Best Races

I really like the Bridle Trails course in Kirkland. I love the rolling hills. Ragnar Cascade yellow leg up the mountain to the gondola was crazy beautiful and crazy up-and my husband, best friend and younger daughter surprised me at the top.

Running Words of Wisdom

Start running after 40 and your knees won’t hurt on the down (for a while).