cottontail 6 hour race report
Photo: Glenn Tachiyama

Runner: Anson F

Years Running: 2

Age: 48

Upcoming Races

Cottontail 6h – April 13 2019
Tiger Claw – May 4 2019
Sun Mountain 50k – May 18 2019
White River 50m – July 27 2019
The Rut Vk – August 30 2019
The Rut 28k – August 31 2019

Current Goals

Complete a 50-mile race in 2019

Long Term Goals

Complete a 100-mile race in 2020, the year I turn 50!

Running Accomplishments

Not much to report here since I really just started. Backcountry Rise 50k was my first ever foray in this distance. Finished in 7h 15m and could walk the next day so was super happy about that!

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

At my age, and with my kids, I love to show them you are never too old to try something new. The beauty and solemnity of a good trail run, coupled with the supportive and encouraging environment and awesome people makes it such a wonderful community to be involved with.

Best Races

Welp, there aren’t much to report, so it’s a tie between Backcountry Rise 50k and Cottontail 6h!

Running Words of Wisdom

Be yourself. Run your race. Take the time to look up and around. Stop and smell the flowers, breath in the air, and take that picture. Be thankful for the ability to do this amazing thing called running.

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cottontail 6 hour race report
Photo: Glenn Tachiyama