Armed Forces Half Marathon Race Info

Date: 5/25/2019

Location: Todos Santos Plaza, Concord, CA

Start Time: 6:30am

Avg Temps (f): 78/53

Time Limit: 4 hours

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • While it’s a relatively flat course, you’ll feel the hills mainly around the start of mile 3 and again around 10.5, and a bigger hill at the start of mile 7
  • The gradual uphill from mile 3-7 won’t feel super hilly, but it’s enough that if you push too hard, you’re going to use up a good amount of energy fairly early in the race
  • After the final hill around mile 10.5, you truly have downhill remaining, so use whatever you’ve got left in the legs for the last couple miles
  • Even with an early start, temps have the possibility to warm up quickly, so use water on course to cool down and wear a hat and sunglasses if that helps you stay cool
  • Course looks fairly exposed with little shade, especially since ⅔ of it is on the Naval Weapons Station in Concord – again, use tactics to remain cool in the hot, exposed sun
  • If you’re driving to the race from the Bay Area, leave plenty of time to get to the start and find parking – race website notes parking garages close to the start/finish
  • Still a relatively new race, just a few years old, so could still have some logistical hiccups
  • Pacing groups available in previous years


Type: Lollipop with an out and back start/finish and a loop in the middle

Start/Finish Info: Same location at Todos Santos Plaza in Concord, CA

Hills: ~430 feet of gain. Gradual uphill of ~230 feet of gain until mile 7.5, after which it’s mainly downhill with a small popup of gain of ~60 feet at mile 10.5

Course Map/Elevation Chart


Aid stations

Locations not noted – website notes that course will have water and electrolyte drink throughout; no note of gels, so bring your own and take advantage of aid stations along the way.

Spectator access

Access Locations: Best spots are likely on the out and back portion from the Todos Santos Plaza in Concord.


Race reports

[Race Report] Armed Forces Half Marathon – first post and first race win! from AdvancedRunning


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