Name: Barbara R

Years Running: 8

Age: 29

Upcoming Races

February 15: Jackpot Ultra Running Festival 6 Hour
March 18-22: The Speed Project
April 10: Salomon WMN Trail 1/2 Marathon (volunteering for Lake Sonoma 50 Miler on Saturday!)
June 5: Last Runner Standing (tentative)
August 22: Waldo 100K (tentative)
October 11: Chicago Marathon

Current Goals

40+ miles in 6 hour race

PR in my road marathon (shooting for 3:15)

Long Term Goals

Stay healthy and keep exploring!

PRs in 50 mile and 50K distances

Running Accomplishments

Javelina Jundred: Man I totally crushed that race and I’m so proud of that! I wanted sub 24 and I did it in 20:28! I never thought I could even get under 22:00, so when I finished my mind was just blown. That race couldn’t have gone more perfect; it was my best race I’ve ever run.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Running = moving meditation. I need it in my life and I love it. Keeps me sane. 😉

Best Races

Flight of Fire 1/2 Marathon – I love running through Red Rock Canyon, it never gets old! It’s a challenging yet super doable course.

Social Media Links

Insta: @babzaroni