Name: Barbara R

Years Running: 7

Age: 28

Upcoming Races

Feb: Black Canyon 100K
Mar: The Speed Project
Apr: Tenacious 10 Miler
May: Flight of Fire 1/2
Jun: Sawmill 35 miler
Jul: S.O.B. 100k
Oct: Javelina Jundred

Current Goals

PR in my 100k

Sub 24 hour 100 mile

Long Term Goals

Remain healthy and competitive in whatever distance I settle in on. Keep exploring and trying out new things!

Running Accomplishments

Black Hills and Superior Trail Fall Classic 100 Milers – running and finishing a 100 mile race is simply amazing. There are no words for all the emotions and feelings that happen during a 100.

Grand Canyon 50 Miler – This race was in May and the day before the race, the Grand Canyon was hit with a huge blizzard. We camped in the snow. They had to change the course because the roads were too icy and snowy. We started the race running in knee deep snow and ended the race with rivers of mud. It was super crazy and amazing and I ended up winning the race, my first ultra win!

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Getting to explore trails, old and new. Freedom – just me and the elements. Simplicity of running – just get out and go.

Best Races

Flight of Fire 1/2 Marathon – I love running through Red Rock Canyon, it never gets old! It’s a challenging yet super doable course.

Social Media Links

Insta: @babzaroni