Beat the Bridge 3 mile run info

Date: 5/20/18

Location: Seattle, WA (Husky Stadium at UW)

Start Time: 8:00am

Avg Temps (f): 66/48

Time Limit: N/A, though the race is called Beat the Bridge because 20 minutes after the last 8k runner crosses the starting line, the University Bridge is raised for 5 minutes, then brought back back. The 8k starts at 8:30am.

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Lots of runners for all the events, so advisable to pick your packet up the day before, on Saturday
  • Again, with so many runners in the all the events, it’s likely to be very crowded at the start and in the early miles. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to the event, park, use the bathroom, etc. And be ready to weave in and out of people traffic early on, especially in the 3 mile run, which has more walkers than the 8k event.
  • With the event starting “later” at 8am, well after the sun has been up for a while, even slightly warm temps will make it feel hot, so dress accordingly, and use water at aid stations as you need to cool down (ie, dump water on your head if that’s what it takes!)


Type: Loop

Start/Finish Info: Different locations, but both close to each other and the event parking. Start on Montlake Boulevard and finish on the field of Husky Stadium

Hills: Minimal, with an uphill being from when runners turn off the Burke Gilman bike trail and run up into campus, about halfway through the course, after which they turn around and head back downhill to the stadium.



Aid stations

Locations of water/electrolyte stations: Two water and electrolyte stations. See Course map to familiarize yourself with the street locations.

Spectator access

Access Locations: Lots of spots around UW Campus and at the finish at Husky Stadium. Event parking is near Husky Stadium or around UW campus, but be aware of street closures for the 8k event. See course map for more details.

Race reports


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