Runner: Britt P

Years Running: 21

Age: 44

Upcoming Races

Runs with Scissors 50k (April 27, 2019; Brighton, CO) – training run
Trail Rail 50 (June 8, 2019; St Regis, MT)

Current Goals

My current goal is to get back into consistent running and work my way back up to longer distances. I relocated the family to Boulder, CO in Nov of 2017 for a new job with a steep learning curve from the Washington, DC area. So I took some time off to adjust on a number of levels. During that time, working with my nutritionist and new doctor, I finally figured out some long term inflammation issues tied to gut health and causing elevated blood sugar and pre-diabetic status. Getting that under control has made a HUGE difference in my heart rate, joints, sleeping, etc. I feel like a new woman and running is fun again. I want to keep it that way! Working with Coach Maxx has been awesome – I love the accountability, not having to think about what I need to do (just open the google doc!) and the support. Exactly what I was looking for!

Long Term Goals

To run happy and healthy into the coming decades. I say I have been running for 20 years but that is on and off due to life and injury cycles. I finally feel like I have gotten a bit wiser and am in a great place to put the work in. I love putting tough goals in front of me – the next one is my first 50 miler. Feeling extremely lucky to have Boulder, the foothills, and the Rocky Mountains as my playground.

Running Accomplishments

5ks to 50ks, adventure racing and endurance cycling events make up my past.
In 2004/2005/2006 I did 3 halves, 2 marathons, a handful of adventure races, a few century bike rides and one 5 day bike tour. I have always gravitated to endurance events. Then we moved to the DC area and got into the grind. I ran some but had lots of knee issues. Finally committed to really running again and made a slow, conservative come back in 2014-2016 and in late 2016 ran my first 50k. I was in the middle of training for my first 50 miler when we decided to move the family to Colorado in late 2017 and gave that one up to focus on the move.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Being outside.
Exploring new trails.
Having time time to process life.
Meeting amazing people.
Challenging myself.
Experiencing the highs and lows during a long event – feeling on top of the world and feeling like there is no way you can keep going…multiple times!
…and of course the crazy looks that people give you when you tell them you want to run 26 miles plus!

Best Races

By far my 50k. It was a great race with great volunteers and a great friend who paced me on the third lap. It was a loop x 3 and he had a rep by the end. He was running from one aide station to the next, cheering everyone on. I finished, I was happy with my finish time, I was consistent with my training and it paid off. Not even a sprained ankle with 5 miles to go could ruin the day (thank you adrenaline!) Then I got to run to the finish line with my 4 year old.

Running Words of Wisdom

If it is not fun, something is not right. Trust me!

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