Runner: Cathy H

Years Running: 16

Age: 58

Upcoming Races

Blue Ridge Marathon, Comrades, Vermont 100k (if I make it off the waiting list)

Current Goals

To train consistently and methodically, to get stronger and to enjoy it. In the best case scenario, to finish the Comrades “up” run this year sub-11.

Long Term Goals

To get my 10th Comrades finish in 2020 and obtain my Green Number and then to do a lot less road running and a lot more trail running.
To finish the Canadian Death Race (my only DNF).
To do another 100 miler.
To complete my last Comrades for the 100th running in 2025 when I’ll be 65.

Running Accomplishments

5 Bostons: It was a privilege to experience this and I never had a “bad” race there.
8 Comrades: It’s my favourite race. I love the people and the country and the race is a great equalizer. There’s a sense of “oneness” of humanity that I’ve never felt anywhere else.
1 Western States: I was the one out of 7 of us who least wanted to get in through the lottery and the only one picked. I was injured but I made it.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

I love my running family and travelling and running in new places and meeting new people.

Best Races

As in most loved: Comrades 2014, American River 2011, Western States 2011