Runner: Chad L

Years Running: 37

Age: 47

Upcoming Races

Cap’n Karl’s 60k – Aug 24
J&J Trail 100k – Sept 27
Pinhoti 100mi – Nov 2

Current Goals

Complete the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning in 2020.

Long Term Goals

I have a long list of destination races to tick off, but my primary goal is to stay healthy and keep running as long as possible.

Running Accomplishments

Completing the 2018 Tor des Geants 340km has to be my proudest running accomplishment. I live at sea level on the coastal plains where the only hills are overpasses and speed humps. My hill training for TDG was mostly done in hotel stairwells. I went into TDG with my longest previous race being 203km and not knowing if my hill training would get me through. I managed to complete the race in 107h 31min while sleeping only 6h 30min. The race was one of my most memorable and most impactful to date. It is one of the few ultras that I plan to repeat.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

I love being outdoors and exploring new places. Running has allowed me to see and experience things in nature that most people never will.

Best Races

2019 Crazy Desert Trail Race 100k – 8:36
2017 Rocky Raccoon 100mi – 15:28
2013 Two Oceans 56km – 3:52
2002 Houston Marathon – 2:38

Running Words of Wisdom

Smile and enjoy the process.