seattle running coachRunner: Chase P

Years Running: 5

Age: 30

Upcoming Races

2/23/2019 – Fragrance Lake Half Marathon
3/16/2019 – Chuckanut 50k
5/18/2019 – Sun Mountain 50k

Current Goals

Currently I am looking to get more confident in the 50k distance, while establishing a serious base to be used going forward. I am comfortable with my mid-pack status, but want the confidence and superhero strength to spend a tough day in the mountains at a moment’s notice.

Long Term Goals

Attacking the never-ending list of adventures in the PNW to the point where I can say more often than not: “I’ve done that.” I’ve lived here my entire life and am a little embarrassed that I have seen so little of our beautiful back country.

Perhaps my biggest Long Term goal is simply to run Long Term. Establish a base, find my personal recipe, and run forever.

Running Accomplishments

I’m most proud of simply being a runner. It takes a lot of inner-strength, hard work and dedication to get out the door consistently. I believe I am to a point now where I just go. The worst run is better than the best day of work in the cubicle 🙂

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Getting to incredible places only accessible via foot and then not being able to shut up about them.

Best Races

Bridle Trails Winter Running Festival 50k – 5:27:03
—My first 50k, and I’ll be proud of this one for a while.

Running Words of Wisdom

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver
“It really do be like that sometimes.” -Unknown

Oh…and apply more lube.

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