The Creating Careers Contest by Team RunRun is giving dollars back to the coaches who are growing their businesses best. 

This is a contest we anticipate becoming an annual contest.

The intent is to reward coaches who are working hard to grow their businesses with Team RunRun by putting more money into their pockets so that they can focus even more energy on becoming the best coaches they can be. 

The total prize purse for 2021 will be $25,000! (we anticipate taking these numbers even higher in 2022!)

  • 1st: $15,000
  • 2nd: $5,000
  • 3rd: $3,000
  • 4th: $1,500
  • 5th: $500

The Rules

  • Total sales (minus refunds) during the period of 7/1/2021 and 12/31/2021 will determine contest winners. We’ll be tracking refunds through 1/31/22 to determine final sales numbers for this year’s contest. 
  • Each coach will have an avatar name of their choosing. We will have a leader board that tracks total sales, updated monthly, and visible to all contest entrants. All avatar names will be of the format: Adjective + Animal 
  • Prizes will be paid out by 2/28/22.
  • Coaches can join the contest after 7/1/21. Total cumulative sales between contest entry date and 12/31/21 will be counted. 
  • All contest entrants must have updated and accurate tax and company documents filed before being officially entered (contact [email protected] with any questions)