The Basics

  • All personal, one-on-one, online running coaching
  • Our running coaches have a wide range of specialties, whether you're training for your first 100 miler, trying to qualify for Boston, or running your first 5k.
  • Coaches and runners use a shared training platform such as a Google Sheet Training Log, Final Surge, or Training Peaks Premium
  • All coaching fees are paid on a monthly basis via recurring payments.

For the Runners

  • Individual, customized training plans using the Google Docs, Final Surge, or Training Peaks Premium platform (varies by coach).
  • Your coach is available via unlimited email (text and phone availability vary by coach)
  • In depth weekly email providing feedback, analysis, and guidance/explanation for upcoming training (availability varies by coach)
  • Quick response time from your coach - same day to within 48 hours
  • Plans based on your goals and your life. We build plans specifically for you.
  • Your own running consultant, mentor, everything running go-to coach.
  • Guidance with goal setting and race selection
  • Real time proactive feedback on your training via your Training Log
  • Weekly Newsletter highlighting interesting running articles, sharing race results, race intel, and race reports
  • Exclusive access to Group Forums and Online Community
  • Access to Facebook and Strava groups
  • Peace of mind that TRR is backing your purchase
  • Referral system - help us grow the team and get paid for it
  • Review system for rating coaches and providing feedback

Search our coaches and find the mentor that will guide you to becoming a better runner!

For the Coaches

  • Choice of working with Google Docs, Training Peaks Premium or Final Surge
  • No fees to be listed on the site
  • Coaches set their own price and follow their own coaching philosophy
  • Clearly defined product for coaches to offer
  • Support from TRR with resources and insights into becoming a better coach - we want you to succeed!
  • Organized, easy-to-use tools for making the operations of coaching simple so that all you have to do is coach
  • Invoicing and bill collection
  • Professional liability coverage
  • Coach referral system - help us grow the team and get paid for it
  • Review system for being evaluated by runners, enabling enhanced credibility directly from customers

All you have to do is coach. Reach out to us if you're interested in becoming a coach for Team RunRun.

Sample Google Docs Log

Google Docs sample log

Sample Final Surge Training Log

Sample Training Peaks Log

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 8.39.21 AM

Sample Weekly Analysis Email

Sample Weekly Feedback & Goals - 2