Goodyear, AZ

Estrella Mountain Regional Park

Avg Temps f.


Gain/Loss in ft


Ft/mile gain


Highest Elev.






Time Limit

31 hours



Furthest Aid

7.9 miles

Summary: The Coldwater Rumble is the fifth race in the Aravaipa Running – Desert Runner Trail Series, and features 6 races going on at the same time, from 4 miles to 100 miles. Taking place in the Estrella Mountain Regional Park, the race course features a wide variety of typical desert trail running surfaces including crushed granite single track, rocks, boulders, sandy washes, old jeep roads, and dry wash beds. Be prepared for a wide variety of conditions from very well defined trails, to more remote and sandy. See Course Photos for more details. The 52k course is a loop course, where the first loop is a 20 mile loop run clockwise, then runners go counter-clockwise on their next loop, which is a 12 mile loop within the original 20 mile loop.

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Aid stations are Cupless
  • The park charges a $6 park entry fee per vehicle.
  • Because there are multiple races going on at the same time, know what color of sign to follow for your given race distance at trail turns and junctions
  • Be sure to check out the course photos – as the course is far from smooth, non-technical terrain, and includes loose rocks and deep sand
  • While it’s not a lot of elevation gain, the course is constantly going up and down
  • A very sandy section around miles 9-11.5
  • Nice descent heading into mile 20, the start/finish, but that means you have to go back up to start the 12 mile loop
  • Because the course if fully exposed, it gets hot during the day, even though it’s January. Being Arizona, it’s still dry and hot
  • Be aware of sunset and if you need to have a headlamp in a drop bag along the way, or at mile 20 where crew and the start/finish is
  • Final miles feel like they go on forever, especially because it’s such rolling terrain


Total gain/loss: 2067/2067

Total climbs: 5 climbs of 200-400 ft each, countless 50-100 feet gains during more major climbs and interspersed throughout.

Longest climb: ~400 feet from miles 2.5-9, with some rollers in between

Steepest climb: Several 150-200 feet climbs within ~.5 miles throughout

Elevation profile

Course Map

Aid stations

Total aid stations: 6 + Start/Finish

Furthest distance apart: 7.9 miles

Locations: Miles 0, 3.4, 11.3, 15.5, 20, 24.5, 29.1, 32.5 (Finish)

What’s available: Typical aid station fare, including water, electrolyte drink, sweet snacks, salty snacks, and fruit.

Crew access

Access Locations: Miles 0, 20, 32.5

Crew instructions/directions: At Start/Finish, aka “Rumble Headquarters”



Race qualifiers

2 UTMB Points

Race reports

Stacey N’s 2018 race report

Strava activities and GPX files


*Note on GPX & KML files: Right click and select “Save link as…” to download files.

GPX files may be opened by downloading the demo version of TopoFusion for free. KML files may be opened in Google Earth.

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