Runner: Daisy aka Daisytrain. Plant-fueled, ICU RN, cyclist and kale devotee. Road, trail, track.

Years Running: 7+

Age: 50

Upcoming races:

Widdle Waddle Half Marathon, Deception Pass 50k, Black Canyon 100k.

Current goals:

2016 gave me a great new foundation of training and accomplishments. My plan is to continue to stay healthy, and grab an early season WS100 qualifier in 2017. Although my focus is laser sharp on improving my ultra skills, I also want to continue improving my speed at the shorter distances and continue to cultivate strategies to maintain a solid mental game.

Long-term, big shot goals that you someday hope to achieve with running:

It may sound cliche, but I’d like to have a Western States buckle. I grew up near those trails, I love the history of the race and my sister is a finisher. The lottery system to get in is so difficult, but I’m going to try!

On a local level I would love to be good enough to place in the top five of my age group at my ultras. If anyone can help me get there, it’s Matt!

Tell us about your running accomplishment that you’re most proud of and why:

2016 has been a good year. I’ve managed to stay injury free and finish my first 100 mile race. Getting a buckle at Mountain Lakes was years in the making and it is something I am very pleased to have completed. The race itself presented many challenges, but I was able to push through the difficult moments by staying positive and letting my training carry me to success.

My other source of pride is my ability to stick with the training and commit to cross training to stay healthy. I make it a priority to take care of my body.

Favorite part about being a runner:

Running has saved my life. Before I fully committed to the “practice” of running I was depressed, overweight, emotionally fragile and lacked confidence. When I run I feel completely free. Running has made me a focused, strong, badass. I like being a badass! It enables me to stay focused on positivity, setting and achieving goals and staying healthy.

Favorite Workout:

Hill repeats, yoga on rest days, and strides.

And after this year I am now a HUGE fan of the back-to-back long runs. There is nothing more satisfying than nailing a long run, then getting up the next day and hammering out another. I credit those training days as the ones that got me my buckle!

Most Challenging Workouts:

Time trials and mile repeats. Yikes! They are so hard and so satisfying.

Best races:

Each one of my races this year were amazing! White River 50 miler was tough, but such a great confidence builder. But hands down in terms of growth, sheer joy and “getting shit done,” Mountain Lakes will forever be my fondest memory. Running at tempo pace down the last ¼ mile of trail to the finish my first 100 miler was absolutely spectacular!

Running words of wisdom:

Smile even when you want to give up. Eat good food every day. Make sleep a priority. Set ridiculous goals and then do the work!

Social media links:

instagram @rundaisyrun

Race Reports:

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