Runner: Delaney H

Years Running: 8

Age: 44

Upcoming Races:

Mt. Hood 50 mile (July 14, 2018)
SOB 50 mile (July 28, 2018)
Bigfoot 100k (Aug 10, 2018)
Possibly Javelina Jundred

Current Goals

I’d like to get “comfortable” with 100 miles. What I mean by that is I want to be able to complete 100 miles with a comfortable time cushion and not having to worry about making the cut off times. I’d also like to get better with hill climbing and more confident with descents.

Long Term Goals

I would eventually like to be able to do Bigfoot 200 and/or Moab 240.

Running Accomplishments

I completed my first 100 mile race in November 2017. I have finished in the top 10 (females) in some smallish local races (Beacon Rock 50k – 9th female)(Bunker to Bonneville 50k – 3rd female).

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Snacks! Also I love the trail running community. Everyone I’ve met so far has been hella rad.

Best Races

Hard question to answer. My favorite race so far has been Volcanic 50k, but it was far from my fastest.

Running Words of Wisdom

Never trust a fart.

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Race Reports

Three Corner Rock 50k – 9/1/18

Bigfoot 100k – 8/10/18

Mt. Hood 50 Mile – 7/14/18