Don Diablo Trail Run 35km Race Info




El Cajoncito, Mexico (outside of La Paz)

Avg Temps c.

28/17 (c) (La Paz)

82/62 (f)


1,109/562 (m)

3,638/1,847 (ft)

ft/mile gain



Highest Elev.

757m (2,484ft)




Singletrack Trail

Time Limit

None – last finisher in 2017 was 9 hours



Furthest Aid

8km (5mi)


Summary: Point to point trail race run entirely on single track, from El Cajoncity (outside of La Paz in Baja Sur California, Mexico to El Sargento on La Ventana Bay. After traversing deep canyons and three mountain passes, runners make their way to the Agua Caliente Beach on the Sea of Cortez. Also offered is a 62km distance.

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Required to carry at least a liter of water
  • The race will take you back to the start after the finish for a small fee – be sure to sign up for it
  • Recommended you don’t leave cars at the start because of the remoteness of the area
  • Trail traverses some rocky sections with big boulders, expect to go slower
  • Be ready for heat not only with temperatures but exposure to the sun from lack of big trees for shade
  • Use stream crossings to cool off whenever possible
  • Terrain looks sandy with a lot of loose dirt – very tiring to run in and try not to fight it, or you’ll waste more energy
  • Be aware of cactus and other bushes that can scrape, sting or cut you
  • While a lot of the climbs and descents look gradual, there are some short, steep sections
  • Bring enough water between aid, especially if you tend to drink a lot of water to begin with
  • Bring your own calories with aid stations only offering water and fresh fruit


Total gain/loss: 1672m of change (5,486 ft)

Climbs: Biggest climb is 350m (1,148 ft) from ~14km – 17.5km. Fairly endless climbs, both small and large, up until the last 5k, which is mainly all downhill

Elevation profile/Course Map

Aid stations

Checkpoints along the way every 5 to 8 km with water and fresh fruit.

Crew access

Access Locations: None, only start and finish.



Race qualifiers


Race reports

None – See Race Video

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