Runner: Emily M

Years Running: On and off for 10 years.  Consistently since November 2015

Age: 34

Upcoming races: “Shell Yea” Challenge in Hampton, VA-5k on Saturday, ½ marathon on Sunday

NYC Marathon in November

Current goals:  -2:10 ½ Marathon, sub 27 min 5k, and 4:30ish marathon

-I ran 266 days on my first running streak and took 8 days off for surgery.  I’m on running streak x 2 and hope to make it a full year this time!

Long-term, big shot goals that you someday hope to achieve with running:

I want to qualify for Boston one day!

-Ultramarathon (50 miler)

Tell us about your running accomplishment that you’re most proud of and why:

-When I started in November, I wasn’t able to run more than 10 minutes straight through.  Since I started training with Matt, I have lost 75lbs, have run several half marathons and a full marathon and no longer do the walk/run method.  I have battled through illness, surgery, and nursing school but have managed to stay consistent and keep improving.

Favorite Workout:  Track repeats

Most Challenging Workout:  Long MP runs

Favorite part about being a runner: I’ve learned a lot about myself and how far I can really push my body.  It’s helped me become confident again, and I love inspiring others to try and reach goals that they never thought were possible ????

Best races you’ve ever run: Columbus Marathon 2007 (4:52), Cleveland ½ marathon (2:15:21), 5k (27:21)

Running words of wisdom:  NEVER GIVE UP!!

Race Reports:

Umstead 50 – 4/7/2018

New York City Marathon – 11/6/2016

Indy Mini Half Marathon – 5/7/2016

Shamrock Marathon – 3/20/2016

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