Runner: Erica M

Years Running: 10

Age: 33

Upcoming Races:

Two Way Torture Test, May 18, Fairbanks, AK
Kesugi Ridge Half Traverse, June 22nd, Alaska
Gold Discovery Run, July 21st, Fairbanks, AK
Equinox Marathon, Sept 21, Fairbanks, AK
Hoodoo Half Marathon, Oct 12, Fairbanks, AK

Current Goals:

To complete my first marathon! Last year was my first year ever seriously running, and I picked up some overuse injuries and was generally feeling things out. Because of a number of factors the only big race I did last year was Kesugi and it was a beast! I want to come out of Kesugi rested enough to do the Gold Discovery Run, and use both as training runs for the Equinox marathon- my first.

Running Accomplishments:

I never would have thought I’m capable of running up a mountain. Nor would I ever have imagined that I would want to complete a marathon. Both are a major accomplishment for me.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner:

It’s my time of day to be selfish. I don’t run for anyone but me. (And maybe my dogs, just a touch).

Best Races:

The Hoodoo Half is always my favorite. I feel my best is still yet to come.