Runner: Erik F

Years Running: almost 2

Age: 35

Upcoming races:

June 10 14.5 miles cougar mtn

Jul 8 19 miles cougar mtn

Aug 12 26.2 miles cougar mtn

Oct 7 50k Oregon coast

Oct 29 50k cougar mtn

Current goals:

-Complete a 50k is what got all this started. In order to do that I’ve got to get faster and be able to keep moving longer

-Kinda still is to lose the weight. Since I’ve pretty much stalled on that front the goal has moved to a…what ever happens…happens status.


Long-term, big shot goals that you someday hope to achieve with running:

-Interesting question. I’ve been intentionally not setting goals beyond a 50k. Seems there is not limit to the nuttiness someone can get themselves into. There are aspects of this sport and the people who are in it that I’ve come to like. Don’t know…..I’m torn. Give more blood to try my hand at longer distances….hmmm. Today I think I can be happy with achieving my 50k goal.


Tell us about your running accomplishment that you’re most proud of and why:

-Two things. Running the enchantments. Its the lakes nestled up in the cascades around Leavenworth, WA. The trail had been on my bucket list for the last 5 years. Never thought I’d be running the trail. 19 miles of absolutely beautiful scenery. Some of the best pictures I have and best memories I’ve made thus far with this hobby. I’m proud of this because for me at the time that was one of the longest and hardest runs I had done. I like the reactions I get from people when I tell them I did this, especially the folks who have hiked the enchantments before. I really could and have before gone on and on about this.

Second thing is running 31 miles in one of my training runs. I don’t shout this one from the roof tops, but it gives me personal satisfaction. It taught me many things. Namely…showed me what it was like, but also that it wasn’t enough to have just done it on my own. Showed me that in order for me to feel this goal was accomplished I needed to complete a race.


Favorite part about being a runner:

I love being outside (hiking, fishing, hunting, etc) and this has been a great way to stay in shape and get out there.

Oddly enough it’s also the emotional aspect. The training and the races have brought on some intense feelings. Ranging the whole gambit of emotions. There have been some times I’ve pushed myself up to a point I shouldn’t have, or I’ve gone out on long runs ill prepared.

For some people a 50k is easy. For me it has seemed like a stretch goal with a very high likelihood of failure. Honestly that is why I took it on. Most of the things I’ve taken on in life were things I believed success was a given. I used this goal as a way of forcing myself to experience failure. I’ve always suspected i had enough grit to persevere through adversity / challenge / difficulty….but I needed to test that.

Best races:

Hmm I’ve liked them all. Even the ones I didn’t finish. I’d say it’s a tie. Both of these races I knew before going into them that I would get cut…..BUT. Oregon Coast 50k because I learned the importance of nutrition. Pushed a boundary of my body and learned something new…what happens when you get too low on electrolytes…ugh. The Gorge 50k because I learned what happens when I pull myself from the race. I went through an emotional roller coaster of  whether I made the right decision or not. What’s done is done, but I learned what it means to me to give up.

Running words of wisdom:

I’m sure there are some in the stuff I typed above. 🙂 I think i’ll have the right to call what I’ve learned…wisdom…..when I complete the goal 🙂

Trail Handle: Phat Phuck 🙂 I know…it’s not kid friendly.