Date: 4/28/2019

Location: Eugene, OR

Start Time: 7am

Avg Temps (f): 64/41

Time Limit: 7 hours

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • New course for 2019 – keep that in mind when reading race reports and looking at Strava routes
  • After you split up with the half marathoners, around mile 12, the crowd dwindles, which is a pro for some, a con for others, so be prepared either way
  • Likely that it will get fairly warm if it’s a clear, spring day
  • Lots of sun in a lot of the race pictures, so be ready for sun exposure for a lot of the miles
  • Bridges in the race can seem like quite difficult uphills, especially later in the race
  • If you’re used to hills, the hills won’t seem big, but if you’re expecting a completely flat course, it will seem hilly
  • Very well-organized race
  • Not tons of spectators out on the course, so be ready for some quiet miles, especially after mile 12, which again, is a pro for some, con for others
  • Miles along the bike path on the river can be really pretty, but also can last forever if you’re struggling, and because you can see others on the other side of the river, ahead of you. Have a strong mental game for the second half given that.
  • Last water is at mile 24 – keep that in mind if you drink a lot in the final miles


Type: 1 loop with 2 out and backs, passing close to Autzen Stadium a couple of times

Start/Finish Info: Starts/Finishes at Autzen Stadium

Hills: Minimal; high point of the course is just after mile 10 (511’)  and low point is just before mile 20 (394’)

Course Map/Elevation


Aid stations

Locations of water and Gatorade stations: 16 total, every 1.5-2 miles, last aid at mile 24

Locations of electrolyte stations: Not noted; Previous year had gels at miles 9 and 19.5; Bananas at miles 7.5, 13, and 23

Electrolyte offered: Not noted; Previous year had Clif Shot Energy Gel and Lemon Lime Gatorade

Spectator access

Access Locations: Lots of locations and you can stay near Autzen Stadium or go to parks, specifically Alton Baker, Amazon, and Skinner Butte. More info here.

Boston qualifier?


Race reports

Austin M’s 2018 race report

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Julie U’s 2018 race report


Strava links (none for 2019 course)


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