Grandma’s Marathon Race Info

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Lots of porta potties at the halfway point because it’s the start of the half marathon, so if you time it just right, you’ll be relieved
  • Maybe the halfway point makes up for the start in terms of porta potties, because several race reports talked about long lines to use the bathroom at the start, so plan accordingly (wait times of 25-30 minutes in line)
  • Not tons of spectators on the course until about mile 15 or even later, lots in the last 5 miles
  • A few rolling hills in the first half and the largest hill is around mile 22, and while it’s a net downhill, it’s more rolling hills than it is flat
  • Starting corral is self-seeded, and with ~9,000 runners, be prepared for people to be lined up either too fast or too slow around you, so be ready for some jostling
  • Lots of warm weather years in the past, so be prepared for it to be warm and to warm up quickly
  • Little to no shade on the course with running along Lake Superior – hence, it warms up fast if it’s sunny, and even though it’s along the lake, not many race reports talked about cooling breezes
  • Heat training and hill training would benefit a lot of runners who expected a cooler, flatter race
  • Lots of aid stations have sponges and the race seems to prepare well for heat with lots of water stops


Type: Point to Point

Start/Finish Info: Take shuttle bus or train to start; no drop offs or vehicle access. See website for more details.

Hills: Rolling throughout, most talked about hill is ~50 feet for .5 miles around mile 22, but there’s also a ~60 foot hill around mile 7 for ~1 mile

Map/Elevation: See Strava for now; not listed on website as of 5/7/18

Aid stations

Locations of water/electrolyte stations: Water and Powerade every other mile until later in the race, which is then every mile (not specified exactly when on the website)

Electrolyte offered: Powerade in the past

Spectator access

Access Locations: See spectator information page – know the street closures and plan to arrive early

Boston qualifier?


Race reports (some good course photos)

Strava links’s-marathon

Race Website