How does Online Running Coaching Work?

Online running coaching is a fantastic way to find the right coach for your running style and save some money, all while getting expert advice. Here is how online running coaching works when you sign up with Team RunRun:

What is an online running coach?

Similar to any other personal trainer, an online running coach will work with you to develop a custom plan around your style of running. Unlike an in-person coach, your online running coach won’t show up at your gym or driveway to do the run with you. Instead, they will touch base with you virtually (via text, email, phone, or whatever communication channel you both agree on). 

Online running coaching ends up being less expensive, gives you access to a bigger pool of experts, and aligns with a more flexible lifestyle. Read more about why runners love online running coaching here

How does online running coaching work?

Online running coaching is simple, familiar, and effective. 

First, you match with the right coach for you. At Team RunRun, we have 80+ coaches for you to select from, so you can trust you will find the person who will match your lifestyle and running goals. 

Then, your coach designs a custom training plan around what you want to achieve with your running. As part of this, you will agree upon your preferred communication channels (like text, phone, video calls, or email). 

From there, you and your coach stay in constant communication about your running journey. At Team RunRun, you pay on a monthly subscription model so you can reach out to your coach as often as you like without worrying about an extra charge. (Find out more about how pricing works at TeamRunRun here.) 

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What is the advantage of having an online running coach?

There are three big advantages to working with an online running coach:

1. You save money

Since online running coaches don’t do the actual runs with you, they don’t have to block off their day in chunks for training you and only you. That means you get the same expert advice for a lower price. For example, at Team RunRun, online running coaching rates begin at $35/month.

2. You access a bigger pool of coaches

When hiring an in-person running coach, you are limited to the runners in your geographic area. With online running coaching, you hire the coach who fits your style – even if they are on the opposite side of the world. Whether you want to work with a US Olympics qualifier, an experienced ultra and trail runner, or a fellow mom, you can find the right coach for you.

3. You can keep working with your coach no matter where life takes you

Going on vacation? Moving? Taking three months to find yourself? Your online coach will be with you wherever you access internet, meaning your running practice doesn’t need to stall just because life is changing.

Do I need fancy watches or apps to track my running?

At Team RunRun, we leave the tech up to you and your coach. Most of our coaches use apps like Final Surge, Training Peaks Premium, or VDOT. Our coaches list their tech preferences on their profiles so that you know before signing up what to expect in terms of tracking tech. 

How do I find the best online running coach for me?

At Team RunRun, our mission is to match you with the best coach for you, so we have an easily-searchable roster of coaches for you to browse. Shop for coaches based on monthly budget, training style, running level, or even communication style. Each coach is reviewed by verified Team RunRun athletes who have worked with the coach for at least two months, so you can trust you are getting real feedback from fellow runners.