Here's how online running coaching works at Team RunRun

  • Choose the coach that fits your goals, experience, and budget
  • Month-to-month subscription with discounted, long-term commitment options
  • Unlimited feedback and communication with your coach
  • Your coach is your all-things-running guide and consultant

The Training Plan

  • Your coach will create a custom plan, built for your goals and your life
  • No limits to adjustments to the plan - life happens, your coach is here for you
  • Utilize Final Surge, Training Peaks Premium, or a custom Google docs spreadsheet for daily interaction with your coach
  • Text, call, email, video call - your coach is part of your running journey

Be Part of the Team

  • Member only Forums, Facebook group, and Strava group
  • Directory of runners and coaches to connect with
  • Team-only discounts for running gear, races, and more
  • Weekly Newsletter with training tips, camaraderie, and inspiration

Communication is Crucial

  • The real answer to how online running coaching works is with open, honest, quick, direct communication between runner and coach
  • Team RunRun provides the tools, the coach is ready and eager, and it's up to you to share details about your running so we can give you great coaching in return
  • Coaching is way more than a training plan, it's about a relationship between the runner and coach, centered on running, but all the while driven toward making you a better runner, and improving your life
  • Where to Start? Search our coaches
  • Have questions? Reach out directly to coaches to ask questions
  • Find your coaching fit? Sign up today
  • Want help choosing a coach? Email us or call us at 800-669-3726