Runner: Jade O

Years Running: 10

Age: 42

Upcoming Races

Worlds End 50k, June 2, 2018
Oil Creek 100k, October 6, 2018

Current Goals

I want to get faster and be more consistent in my training. Oil Creek 100k is my first crack at anything over a 50k, so that’s a huge step for me!

Long Term Goals

To finish a 100 miler, maybe Eastern States 100 since it’s basically in my back yard.

Running Accomplishments

Getting to the 50k mark was big for me. I never thought I could do something that big. Just a few years ago, I was a 5k fun runner, and I was content. I was never super fast, but I had a great time. Trails brought me a whole new motivation to push myself further. I cried the first time I finished a 50k, and I have no doubt that I’ll do the same when I finish my 100k this fall!

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

There are so many things I love about running, from the community to the fact that I can still outrun my kids! My favorite part, though, is being out on a mountain on a long solo run. It’s the best time to solve any problem and pound out any frustration!

Best Races

Hyner View Trail Challenge (25k & 50k), and Worlds End Ultra (50k & 100k), are my two favorites. The RDs are awesome, the courses are spectacular, and the volunteers and fellow runners are like family.

Running Words of Wisdom

I have a group of teen girls that I run with on occasion. A bunch of them completed their first trail 1/2 in 2016, and I was so blessed to be there with them. One was my daughter, and I had the pleasure of running the race with her. At the beginning of the race, I gave them all bracelets that had the simple verse “She believed she could, so she did.” It’s so basic, but so powerful.