Runner: Jayme H

Years Running: 10

Age: 39

Upcoming Races

Fragrance Lake 25k/50k
Fat Dog 70
Stagecoach 100

Current Goals

I’m focusing on integrating my own ideas with outside input aka coaching! Maxx Antush is going to help me get that Golden Ticket! (not really)

Long Term Goals

The goal with running is to finish a hundred miler and get a belt buckle. But it’s really about the mental health and meditative aspects of running that have me toeing the line at ultra races. I’ve had the bug since long before my 78 mile DNF at BigFoot 120. As much as running is fun, the people and the aid station food having me coming back for more.

Running Accomplishments

I’m proudest of my DNF at Bigfoot. Post tropical hurricane Oso made that 78 miles some the most extreme miles I’ve ever run. My pacer left me to safe a life and I achieved my very first hallucination after calling it at mile 78. I kept seeing 6 foot diameter logs in the road that weren’t there…and road signs that didn’t exist. My wife told me to shut up.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Better mental health and more happiness. I feel safest on the trail in the wilderness.

Best Races

Sun Mountain, Volcanic 50, WyEast Wonder, Dirty Turtle 50k, Cle Elum Ridge 50k, Baker Lake 50k, Summer SolstASS, Yakima Skyline

Running Words of Wisdom

Have Fun. Don’t run a 50k in the wilderness when you have strep.

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