run through time marathon
Photo: Daniel M Flanders

Runner: Jeff U

Years Running: 25

Age: 33

Upcoming Races

Palmer Lake 24 Hour, Never Summer 100k, Sangre de Cristo 100 Miler and maybe the Leadville Marathon

Current Goals

I want to continue to work hard this year so I can be competitive at each of my Colorado races. I also want to work to become mentally stronger so I can hopefully put together a quality mountain 100k and 100 miler.

Long Term Goals

I would love to run Western States and UTMB some day (no lottery luck to date). The Boston Marathon is also on the bucket list.

Running Accomplishments

I’m most proud of my PR at the Umstead 100 for a couple reasons – 1. Coach Matt U. paced me to where my last lap (8 x 12.5 mile laps) was my second fastest lap of the 8 – it was my most consistent and steady pace for an ultra to date. 2. I finished 8th overall which has mentally made me a more competitive runner. I am also psyched that I won the Silverheels 100 in 2018.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Most of my favorite places on the planet were discovered from randomly exploring trails. I love being able to access places on foot that most people don’t even know exist.

Eating whatever I want isn’t so bad either.

Best Races

100 miler: 18:33:00 Umstead 100, Raleigh, NC – 2017
50 miler: 7:37:39 Nashville 50, Nashville, TN – 2010
Marathon: 3:12:44 Monument Marathon, Scottsbluff, NE – 2017

Running Words of Wisdom

It’s going to hurt no matter what – just try to maintain the minimal level of hurt for as long as possible and then try to keep it together until the finish.

Social Media Links

Race Reports:

Silverheels 100m – 7/18/18

Jemez 50m – 5/19/18

Maroon Bells 4 Pass Loop Trip Report

Monument Marathon – 9/30/17

Umstead 100 – 4/1/17

Black Canyons 100k – 2/18/17