youngstown penn running coach

Runner: Jeremy L

Years Running: 2

Age: 35

Upcoming Races:

  • Glacier Ridge Trail (GRT) Ultramarathons 50k; May 11
  • Ontario Summit Marathon; June 8
  • Grand-further 25k; Aug. 24
  • Table Rocks Ultra (50k); Sep. 21
  • WV Trilogy (Fri. 50k; Sat. 50 miler; Sun. 13 miler); Oct. 11-13
  • Stone Cat 50k; Nov. 2
  • Monadnock 100 miler; Dec. 14

Current Goals

  • Finish 100mi

Running Accomplishments

  • Finished my first 10k run as part of an Olympic triathlon in 51 min.
  • Finished my first marathon and it was a trail marathon.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

  • Running through the woods by myself.

Running Words of Wisdom

  • Bahala na (come what may). Basically relax and enjoy whatever ends up happening.

Social Media:

Twitter: @jmlynch_05

youngstown penn running coach