Runner: Jonny G

Years Running: 17

Age: 31

Upcoming races: New York City Marathon

Current goals: Be Happy

Long-term, big shot goals that you someday hope to achieve with running: To keep enjoying my running and be able to keep running for decades to come. Some marquee races would be fun too, Comrades, sticks out in my mind.

Tell us about your running accomplishment that you’re most proud of and why: I was running a high school 3 mile x-country race and was in good position to podium when the runner in front of me rolled their ankle and pulled up. I stopped running to help this fellow runner to the finish line, sacrificing my finish. It reminds me, it’s just running.

Favorite part about being a runner: Being able to wear tights without (too much) judgement

Best races: I have always really enjoyed 5k races, go out fast, keep running fast and then hang on to the finish. I have also done relay races in Northern Israel and when alone on a leg in the middle of the night its amazing to think about the history of the place.

Running words of wisdom: Really anything from Amby Burfoot’s The Runner’s Guide to the Meaning of Life

Social media links:

-twitter: @TheJonnyGranby

-instagram: jonnygranby

Race Reports:

The North Face DC 50k – 4/28/18

New York City Marathon – 11/5/17

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