luxembourg running coach
Photo: Glenn Tachiyama

Name: Jude Bowerman

Age: 43

Upcoming Races

17/3/2019: Trail du Petit Ballon d’Alsace (28k, 900+ meter total incline)
14/9/2019: UTML (75k, 1900 meter total incline)
More to come…

Current Goals

  1. Stay happy, healthy and injury free while increasing load and speed
  2. Complete first ultra-distance trail race
  3. Incorporate strength training and diet changes, along with running/cycling, into permanent lifestyle.

Long Term Goals

  1. Continue enjoying running, injury free, for as long as possible
  2. Earn one of those badass 100 mile belt buckles and then never wear any other belt again.
  3. Only if they want it, pass my love for running, and the community that follows, on to my boys (Ash ~2.5 years, Finn 0.4 years) through example.
  4. Others: maybe break 3:00 for the marathon and 1:25 for the 1/2.

Running Accomplishments

There are a small group of people I have met through running, mostly in the PNW but a few new ones here in Luxembourg as well, who I now count as friends or running soul/sole? mates. Even though I moved to Luxembourg, I follow their endeavors through live race tracking, Strava, Facebook, Instagram or other sources and consider these folks some of my favorite people who I’ve ever met. This community of like-minded weird people doing strange things is rare and wonderful, and I cherish each new runner friend I make. My favorite running accomplishment is getting involved and staying involved with the trail running community.

Best Races

Eugene Marathon: 3:27:05, Route du Vin 1/2 marathon: 1:34:36, Orcas Island 25k: 2:57:48

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