Runner: Julia G

Years Running: 38

Age: 56

Upcoming Races

Spartan Course Feb 18
Whiskey Row Half Marathon May 2

Current Goals

To not die
To run when I don’t want to
To run a little further and a little faster

Long Term Goals

I’d like to place in some races in my age group…which should not be hard to do.
I want to do a Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon this year (2 days, 36-45 miles with 4000 foot elevation change)

Running Accomplishments

I’ve run and worked out an average of 4 days per week since I was 18. (1 month off when I had C-sections)
Whiskey Row Half Marathon x 5 years (skipped last year)
Anchorage 10k 2018, Rock n Roll Half Marathon, Spartan 2019, many more
3rd place my age group in Jerome Hill Climb (4 mi with 2000 ft elevation gain)
3rd place my age group in 2 5Ks

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Running is no thought meditation. Here. Now. For my restless mind, it’s the very best way to get me back to myself. It’s an easy, malleable, do anywhere workout that has kept me young and healthy.

Running Words of Wisdom

The secret to my longevity in running is that I don’t push so hard that I hurt myself. : ) Finding that balance (in life as well as running) between pushing and letting it go is a daily challenge.