Runner: Julie N

Years Running: 14

Age: 28

Upcoming Races

Twilight 12 Hour
Dirty Turtle
Ragnar Northwest Passage – Ultra
Ragnar Rainier

Current Goals

Get back to where I was 2 years ago, before having my son.

Long Term Goals

Get back into 50k shape and starting kicking ass and taking names. I’d love to run Black Canyon 60k or 100k next year (2020),

Running Accomplishments

I started running mainly when I was thrown into cross country in high school. We were required to participate in sports and I didn’t have a fall sport, so I was unwillingly enrolled in cross country. On day one the team was doing a trail run of the course; I made it to the mile mark and struggled to make it the next two miles to the finish line while barely being able to walk. After three years in cross country and track I went from not being able to walk the course and being lapped multiple times in the 3200m during track, to placing in track meets and making it to varsity cross country before having to quit due to shin splints. I’ve had shin splints and hip issues during my running career due to Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and was told to never run. Instead I’ve had some great coaches who have helped me alleviate my nagging injuries and have pushed me to complete distances that I didn’t know were possible.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Forever shocking myself with what my body is capable of doing.

Best Races

1 mile – 6:30
5k – 21:52
10 miles – 1:20:08
Half marathon – 1:48:43
Marathon (trail) – 5:00:15
50k – 5:54:18
50 miler – 10:59:39

Running Words of Wisdom

Keep Running – tattooed across my Achilles’