Runner: Kim C

Years Running: 26

Age: 40

Upcoming Races

Tiger Claw (5/4), Back Country Rise 50k (9/7)

Current Goals

To survive my two upcoming races this year—looking at a lot of vert! And of course to get faster while staying healthy and fit. If a friend invites me on a last-minute epic trail adventure, I’d like to be in the kind of shape where I can always say yes.

Long Term Goals

To continue doing this sport for as long as my body will let me. And to keep challenging myself each year with new goals … maybe a 100-miler someday? Would depend entirely on the race. Would also love to do more adventure/travel running — Wonderland Trail, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, etc.

Running Accomplishments

Running for this many years while having two kids and owning my own business feels like my biggest accomplishment!
But for races, my biggest accomplishments have come since working with Coach Keith:

Orcas 25k 2019 — (2F) 2:40:03
Fragrance Lake Half Marathon — (3F, 5 overall) 2:14:42
Chuckanut 50k 2018 — (12F) 4:50:46
Point Defiance 30k 2018 — (1F, 2 overall) 2:40:56

And a few highlights from my pre-TRR days:

Point Defiance 30k 2017 — (1F, 3 overall) 2:49:39
Deception Pass Half Marathon 2014 — (2F) 1:50:21

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

My favorite part about being a runner is the people I’ve met along the way—the friendships forged out on the road, out on the trails, as you’re pushing yourselves to be better … all while reveling in the beauty of the world around us. Running breaks down social barriers and brings us together for one beautiful, sweaty, muddy breathtaking experience.
Close second—I can eat all the donuts I want without a twinge of guilt.

Best Races

I’ve run the Big Sur Marathon twice, and it will always be one of my all-time favorites. The views on that run are unreal.
Chuckanut will always hold a special place because it was my first 50k. That was a huge accomplishment for me.

Running Words of Wisdom

The race is your reward for all of the work you’ve put in leading up to that point. So trust in your training, and enjoy yourself on race day!
Also, borrowed from Phil Kochik, “Don’t make any major decisions while running uphill.”

orcas island 25k
Photo: Glenn Tachiyama