Runner: Kris Leblanc

Years Running: 10

Age: 31

Upcoming Races

Virtual Route 66

Ways Bluff 15 mile trail race

Current Goals

Complete 15 mile trail race in top 25%

Complete marathon or 30 mile race distance by Feb 2021

Long Term Goals

Possibly a 50 mile ultra (when my girls are older)

Running Accomplishments

Many half marathons (places first in age group in one). Two half’s were ok consecutive days. One was a trail and place fourth in the women.

One road marathon

A couple sprint triathlons (place first in age group in one)

Various other shorter distance road/trail races

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Competing with myself

The internal push

The community

Best Races

Already listed

Running Words of Wisdom

Breathe in weakness breathe out strength

LSD – long slow distance