Runner: Kristine T

Years Running: 3 years recreationally, prior to that in my younger years it was all for soccer

Age: 46

Upcoming Races

March 28 – Body First Wicked Half Marathon, Wamego, KS
May 9 – Sanford Health Fargo Half Marathon, Fargo, ND
September 6 – The Kauai Half Marathon, Kauai, HI

Current Goals

To be a better, more efficient runner.

Long Term Goals

To keep improving my running skills and to run a half marathon in all 50 states by the time I turn 50. As of February 2020, I have two states down: Utah and New Mexico.
Big shot goal would be to complete any race in the top 10-15 in my age group.

Running Accomplishments

I have to say my proudest running accomplishment would be running my 1st Half Marathon which was in Moab, Utah – The Thelma and Louise Half Marathon.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Being outdoors jamming out to music, and just being at peace from everyday life.

Best Races

I don’t have many to choose from but the best between the two would have been The Thelma and Louise Half.