Runner: Laura C

Years Running: 6

Age: 41

Upcoming Races

Revel Kulia Marathon – March 9th, 2019

Current Goals

To feel comfortable running an 8-minute mile.

Long Term Goals

Run a marathon in under 4 hours!

Running Accomplishments

Running two marathons in 2018! When the New Year rang in, I had no desire to run marathons, only half’s. A few people convinced me that I could run the Missoula Full, and I did it! Then immediately signed up for another one which I completed in October. Now I’m signed up for another in March 2019.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

I am super competitive, and I love always competing against myself, or working towards a goal. I love to check things off a list, so weekly runs help me feel accomplished!

Best Races

2018 St Paddy’s Day 5 Miler: 43:56
2018 Iron Horse Half Marathon 2:01:01
2018 Leavenworth Full 4:18:12

Running Words of Wisdom

Just keep running! I started with a Couch to 5K app and ran my first half marathon 8 months later. Once you train to run three miles, you can train to run 26.2.

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