Runner: Lauren Harrigian

Years Running: 14 years

Age: 30

Upcoming Races


Current Goals

2:45 marathon or less getting to that level again.

Long Term Goals

Signing a sponsorship and getting to the Olympic Trials.

Running Accomplishments

I ran for NMSU and I won a few races back in college. I also was State Champion in the 2 mile in New Mexico. I have ran Boston once and ran many marathons and half’s. There is a documentary coming out about me.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Just being in nature. And that solo time.

Best Races

Honestly that would be racing in NM cuz I have had so many amazing moments in that state. I also ran my first 3:05 in Austin.

Running Words of Wisdom

Just enjoy it and love the sport. Running is always my best friend.