Runner: Leea Y

Years Running: 6

Age: 33

Upcoming Races

Pacific Rim 24 hour race

Current Goals

My current goal is to run 100 miles.

Long Term Goals

To run a hundred miles and be able to function the next day.

Running Accomplishments

6 years ago I completed my first marathon and this was something I had always told myself was impossible and by accomplishing this goal it opened my world to new realm of possibilities.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

The ability to enjoy the beauties of nature
The sense of accomplishment you feel after a run
Challenging yourself to find new levels of hard

Best Races

Apple Tree Marathon (Vancouver, WA)
Leavenworth Marathon (Leavenworth, WA)
Rainer to Ruston (Ruston, WA)
IronMan (Santa Rosa, CA)
Lean Horse 50 miler (Custer, SD)
Pacific Rim 24 hour looped course (Longview, WA)

Running Words of Wisdom

Furiously enjoy the good moments and know that the bad moments will pass but in the end, just keeping moving forward.