Name: Lyndsey B

Years Running: 7

Age: 30

Upcoming Races:

Leatherman’s Loop 10k, NJ Marathon, ECNY 10k, Bighorn 50k

Current Goals

Pie in the sky! I’d love to return to Bighorn (healthy) this summer and personally PR in the 50K distance. I’ve also signed up for a few shorter races between now and then just to get back into running races after taking so much time off due to injury.

Long Term Goals

Big picture, I’d like to get stronger both mentally and physically, stay injury-free, learn to be more strategic with distances and terrain, and incorporate more race-specific workouts into my training.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Grossing folks out on the NYC subway after a summer long run in Central Park (sort of kidding…).

On a more serious note, I love where running has taken me: to meandering trails tucked away behind suburbia, to countless new cities, states, national forests and parks. I feel fortunate to see the world this way, and hope I can continue to do so for years to come.

Running Words of Wisdom

It never gets easier; you just get stronger.

Social Media Links

Instagram: @applyincolor