Marys Peak 50 Mile Race Info




Blodgett, OR

Avg Temps f.


Gain/Loss in ft


ft/mile gain


Highest Elev.






Time Limit

11.5 hours at mile 44



Furthest Aid

9.5 miles


Summary: The event starts in Blodgett, Oregon and the 50 Mile runners (there is also a 50k and 25k) have a double accent of Marys Peak, which is at 4097 feet, gaining 5000 feet in the first 17 miles with lots of deceivingly tough rollers and sections in the last 33 miles. Terrain includes lots of roots and some steeper sections in addition to two longer climbs and descents.

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Cupless event
  • Climbs in the latter half of the race are still quite tough, even if you’ve done the majority of the elevation gain in the beginning
  • Power hiking helps on the steep sections
  • The day warms up quickly and there is a fair amount of exposure (see pictures in race reports below)
  • Course is a mixture of mix of logging roads, winding exposed meadows, single track, and the usual green forests.
  • Pay attention to the course markings at the top of Marys Peak, as there are several races going on at the same time
  • With several races going on and day hikers, be prepared for a slightly congested trail and be polite to other trail users
  • Course measures a bit long, so if your watch says it’s been 50 miles, know that you might have a few more miles to go
  • Be prepared for long ascents and descents – it might feel like they last forever
  • Runnable but relentless – one of the best descriptions of the course


Total gain/loss: ~9400/9400

Total climbs: 3 with lots of little rollers; mainly uphill from start to mile 15 and from mile 23-28

Course Map/Elevation profile

Caltopo map and elevation profile

Aid stations

Total aid stations: 7 Full + 3 additional water stops

Furthest distance apart: 9.5 miles


Aid 1 Mile 9.5 (Base of Northridge Trail) (Drop Bags)
Aid 2 Mile 18 Marys Peak East Ridge (before descent)
Water Miles 20 and 26
Aid 3 Mile 24 (Base of Northridge Trail) (Drop Bags)
Aid 4 Mile 30 Marys Peak East Ridge Again prior to the Northridge Descent
Aid 5  Mile 33 End of Northridge prior to Lower Northridge (Drop Bags)
Aid 6 Mile 40 and bail out point Cut off 4:30 pm
Water Mile 41
Aid 7 Mile 45 prior to Collarbone alley

What’s available: A variety of electrolyte drinks including but not limited to Chips, electrolyte pills, cookies, Gels, Rice Krispie Treats, Trail Mix, PB&J Sandwiches

Crew access

Unsure – none mentioned

Drop bags are allowed at aid stations 1,3, and 5 (miles 9.5, 24, and 33)



Race qualifiers


Race reports

Ashley Nordell’s 2018 50 mile race report


Strava activities and GPX files

Race Website

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  1. Super excited to run the inaugural 50 miler up (twice) to the highest peak in the Oregon Coast Range. This is beautiful country!

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