Runner: Matt P

Years Running: .2

Age: 33

Upcoming races: None

Current goals: Generally to develop and repair lung capacity after a decade plus of cigarette smoking and to build endurance as a runner. More specifically my targets are 6:30 mile, 20m 5k, 2h half marathon and to work up to weekly 20 mile training runs. Another goal is to more realistically and objectively calibrate my goals as I train and learn more about different and upcoming races. Overall, to push the running high as far as I can.

Long-term, big shot goals that you someday hope to achieve with running: Issy Alps 100 or similar mountain 100 miler. I want to be free in the mountains with confidence and haste. I see pictures of peaks I’ve considered hiking, scrambling or climbing, but now I just want to run to them. More specific goals to come 🙂

Tell us about your running accomplishment that you’re most proud of and why: I’m most recently pleased by last weekends 20 miler. It had a break at the Solstice Parade but I managed to get through it. It’s so early in the game though, pretty much every effort leaves me feeling accomplished, but I have no specific metric of which I’m particularly proud.

Favorite part about being a runner: The high after hitting a rhythm during an effort. It’s comparable to the satisfaction provide by nicotine.

Best races: Rugged Maniac 5k OCR ~38:00 (only race)

Running words of wisdom: It’s all about what you can do tomorrow because of what you did today.

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