Runner: Megan B

Years Running: 3

Age: 21

Upcoming Races 

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon – March 7

Boston Marathon – April 20

Current Goals

Sub-1:30 at Lake Sammamish

Boston Marathon (undecided goal)

Long Term Goals

Big shot/ultimate dream goal of breaking 3 hours in the marathon one day

Running Accomplishments

My most proud running accomplishment is running the Boston Marathon at age 20. I don’t think that is something that many college students can say that they have done, so I am very proud to have accomplished something that is on many runners’ bucket lists for years.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

I love the freedom that you get from being a runner. You get to experience cities and new places in a way that other people do not get the opportunity to. I love that running allows me to get outside and breathe fresh air, and I am grateful that running allows me to use the strength and power of my body to do things and distances that others find crazy.

Best Races

B&O Half Marathon – 1:30:25
Seattle Marathon – 3:23

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