Runner: Michael Linscott

Years Running: 12

Age: 49

Upcoming Races

LOL. I signed up for Javelina Jundred in late October ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Current Goals

  • Get some speed back in my legs and re-train them for longer runs on trails.
  • And just general get stronger and fitter while having fun doing workouts and longer faster runs.

Long Term Goals

  • Hopefully another 100 miler in the year 2020.
  • Qualify for Boston again.
  • Be trained for some big adventures in the mountains.
  • Section J of the PCT and running around Mt. Hood (Timberline Trail) are a couple I have my eyes on.

Running Accomplishments

  • Running Badger 100 miler in 22:38:26
  • Qualifying for Boston with a 3:00:40 marathon
  • Running Cascade Crest 100 miler 4 times in a row 2016-2019
  • Pacing and crewing at Badwater 135 five times

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

  • Seeing places on foot, the sights, smells and sounds while out running.
  • Pushing my body and feeling the ebb and flow of being in shape and finding new levels of effort and fitness.
  • Having a post-run beer with friends.

Best Races

  • Cascade Crest 100 in 2016, all the pieces really fell into place. Loved the race, the atmosphere, the course and not stopping till I got to the finish line of my first 100 miler.
  • Badger Mountain 100 in 2019 I really just enjoyed all 100 miles of the race. My wife always helps at my 100 milers but this was the first time she paced me, and it was for quite a few hours, which was special. And running the rest of the race well, and with a smile all the way to the end, was fun.
  • I’ve run Deception Pass 50k quite a few times and I have many amazing memories of that race, so it is in my “best races” list as well.

Running Words of Wisdom

  • Enjoy and embrace the process as well as the outcome.
  • Find friends that will push you but also find friends that enjoy being pushed by you.
  • Smile.

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